Air Ambulance Cost in India

 Air Ambulance Cost in India

Air Ambulance Cost in India

Air ambulance services are often perceived as expensive, but at Air Rescuers, we believe that cost should never be a barrier when it comes to saving lives. Our mission is to make air ambulances accessible to everyone by providing affordable services. In this article, we will delve into the factors that contribute to the cost of air ambulance services and help you understand how pricing is determined.

Air Ambulance Cost in India
Air Ambulance Costs in India | Air Rescuers

What Makes Air Ambulance Services so Expensive than the other Ambulance Services?

Air ambulance companies have high operational costs, but there are many factors that contribute to the increased prices for the services. One very important factor is the distance between the patient and the air ambulance then the different routes the Air Ambulance takes. As the distance increases, so do the fuel costs. Let's explore some of the key elements that influence the pricing:

1. Distance & Routes

In Many cases, the distance plays a huge role in setting up the flight's costs. The Longer the flights, the more additional expenses for medical professionals, Flight crews & fuel included. For eg. The costs are comparatively lesser and very low if the patients are to be transported to the nearest medical center. But The Costs are relatively higher if the medical treatments with longer distances, Such as from Guwahati to Bangalore (Approximately 2,075 Km)or Guwahati to Delhi (Approximately 1,457 Km) will cost a bit higher.

Even the routes the aircraft opts for determine the costs. The reason why an air ambulance has to take a different route could be due to traffic or the presence of VIP personnel flying on the typical route, or because the Indian Air Force is flying. Hence, the air ambulance has to change its normal route to a different one.

2. Type of Aircraft Used

The Distance between the Pickup Location to drop Location determines the type of Aircraft suitable for the Transportation of the patients. For eg. For the Shorter Distance, We usually use Helicopter Ambulance or Train Ambulance whereas, Airplanes are usually preferred for the longer Journeys.

3. Medical Crew Accompaniment

The presence of medical personnel on board an air ambulance significantly impacts the pricing. The medical crew typically consists of pilots, nurses, and doctors who provide emergency medical care during the flight.

4. Required Medical Equipment and Personnel

Typically the Number of Key Individuals that is required for an aeroplane ambulance to take off are 

The Pilots- Usually at least 2 pilots are required to operate an Aeroplane. 

Medical personnels- The number & type of Medical Personnel that will be joining the flight depends on the condition of the patients, This includes the Doctor, Paramedics or any other trained medical professionals.

Flight Attendants- Air Ambulance May also provide you with the flight attendants to provide assistance and support to the patients during their flight.

Ground Crew- Ground Crew are responsible for the Maintenance of the AirCraft, Fueling, Loading/unloading of the equipment and ensuring the overall safety off the plane (Ground).

3. Range of Services Offered

Different Air Ambulance service providers provide different services, and that increases the overall costs of our flights, that includes the AirPort Handling charges, then ATC - R&FC TLC Charges, then Medical Team charges, Watch hour Extension charges. So It's important to understand the specific services that are required to accommodate your needs. Clarifying the costs beforehands is very essential to avoid any surprises in the future.

4. Accommodation for Additional Passengers (Family Members)

Making Sure the patient is comfortable and has companions throughout the transfer, we allow patients' family members to join in on the journey. So Some companies include this sort of accommodation in their services, so it's important to confirm such arrangements and any costs related to it in advance.

Once you understand the factors that affect the price of your ambulance flights, it's highly advisable to obtain quotes from different companies. This allows you to make a firm and unwavering decision based on your specific requirements and your budget.

Air Rescuers’ Air Ambulance: Your Trusted Emergency Service

For emergency patients needing transportation from Guwahati to Delhi or anywhere in India, Air Rescuers offers reasonably priced air ambulance services. In order to assure prompt and effective medical transfers from remote locations, our committed team works nonstop. With the latest medical technology and a highly qualified medical staff made up of doctors and paramedics, we provide complete treatment along the journey.

Every Company has different prices of their Air Ambulance, but Air Rescuers' Per Hour Rate of B200 is around 1 Lakh 20 Thousand, Double Engine C90 Costs around 90K, Jet Aircraft costs around 4 Lakh , then Single Engine Pilatus Costs around 80K 

You can count on Air Rescuers for secure transportation whether you need a commercial transfer or a full-fledged air ambulance. Modern intensive care equipment and state-of-the-art medical facilities are installed in our ambulances, allowing for on-the-go patient monitoring and evaluation.

Air Rescuers Ambulance's 24-hour availability guarantees that your loved ones can be evacuated quickly both domestically and internationally. Our offerings are unparalleled in terms of Reliability & Equality.


Air Rescuers provides critical care solutions and air ambulance services from Guwahati to Delhi, Vellore, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. We offer complete emergency care, including skilled medical staff, cutting-edge facilities, and round-the-clock services. Contact us right now by phone at +91 9870001118, email, or by completing our contact form to get a free, cheap, and no-obligation quote.

Keep in mind that Air Rescuers' Air Ambulance is your go-to partner for reliable, reasonably priced medical transportation when it comes to life-saving measures.

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